Is the bread vegan?

Yes, all of our bread is vegan with the exception of the Seeded Spelt which has raw honey. Pastry items are not vegan. 

Is all of your bread sourdough?

Yes, all of our products are sourdough including the bagels & pastries. 

Do you do any gluten free breads?

Unfortunately we do not as we would need a separate production facility.

What are ancient grains?

They are original breeds of wheat and grain dating back thousands of years. Humans have been nourished on these grains for thousands of years. We are big fans of ancient grains as they are nutritionally beneficial for us and taste delicious. Some of our favourite varieties include khorasan, spelt, emmer, purple wheat, rye, buckwheat.

Where is your flour and other ingredients sourced?

Baker Bleu believes in using the best ingredients and supporting sustainable farming. We source organic & sustainable ingredients where possible. Our flour is 100% Australian from Wholegrain Milling.

Why is the crust so dark?

The dark crust is a result of the long fermentation process and the natural sugars caramelising. The darker crust produces a richer flavour and also adds to the chewy texture, a nice contrast to the moist crumb.  

Do you slice the bread?

No, our bread comes fresh out of the oven in the morning and is not suitable for immediate slicing. We recommend you slice as needed to maintain optimum freshness. 

What is the best way to store the bread?

As our bread does not contain preservatives or additives, the shelf life is shorter than supermarket bread. Usually on the third day the bread either needs to be toasted or revived in a gentle oven. Bread is best stored in a brown paper bag and sliced as required.  Bread freezes well, but best to freeze bread on day of purchase to maximise moisture content. Refridgerating bread may dry it out and alter the texture. 

Can I order bread in advance?

Yes, you can order in store or online. Minimum spend $36. Minimum three day's notice required.  

Where can Baker Bleu bread be purchased?

We have two retail outlets - Hawksburn Village & Caulfield North Store. We also stock at Morning Market (Fitzroy, Prahran)